The Goal and the Lady With a Buggy

Posted: December 31, 2010 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I’m now a member at Madison Athletic Club in Madison Heights, MI (not too far from home). 29.95 per month, I only had to pay the first two months and that was it. The gal who took me around gym, Jenny, was awesome. She didn’t sell me, she gave me a tour. The facility is awesome. And it’s so clean, which was something I asked her about when I called the gym. Turns out we both used to go to a place on the other side of town. She though it was dirty, I picked up an infection there.

The wally-ball room was awesome, and I’m hoping to drag some friends there and have some fun. It’s been years since I’ve played. Anyways, they have a room for classes. There was all the standard equipment for bands, step, floor, etc. Then all this stuff hanging from a steel structure. TRX Suspension Training. Duuuuuuuuuude!

The spin room…I actually got loud and squealed a little. I know it’s going to kick my butt…but…I was super excited over spin classes.

Anyways, I explained to Jenny what was coming around the corner for me and she got excited FOR me. She took me back to her office and showed me a picture of her. She’s lost 90 pounds over the last year or so. She offered to be my cheerleader, and told the trainer I’ll be having a session with on Tuesday I was her new BFF. I laughed the whole time.

I get ten free sessions with the trainer unitl the 14th of January. Then sessions are $45.00 each. He’s kinda hot. I could wing it. He was like the goal I scored!!

Today I also did some financial soul searching, realizing as much as I like the products my doctors office offers (and I have been buying), pocket book wise it’s become rediculous. The diet they have me on is with the supplments (shakes, etc) and vegetables. Well, factoring in what the supplements cost and just food groceries, it’s almost $200.00 a week. Why has it taken me almost three months to figure this out? Because I stopped going through the drive-thru every day, “where” my money was going just moved. So I decided I can still follow the plan purchasing my products elsewhere. And I did just that.

I whipped out my Blackberry and did a search for nutrition stores in or near my town. As fate would have it there is a little nutrion shop in downtown Royal Oak. Two minutes from my house! It’s an old store, tiny, lots of character and products. I found a protein shake mix with numbers that practically match the ones I got from the doctors office. Then I found a gentleman and asked for help, explaining I would be having gastric bypass soon (optimism!), and what I’m looking for. You know, we spent 15 minutes going through all these meal bars looking at labels for caloric, sugar, and protein content. I have this to say: Shame on all those companies stuffing all that sugar into their “health’ products.

After the clerk left me to my own devices in an aisle a lady with a shopping buggy rolled my way. I had nowhere to go. She was a talker, that’s for sure. While I was checking out the vegan jerky, she asked me a few questions…I mean, she all but asked why I was in the store…seeing as everyone else in the store was substantially smaller than myself. She was selling. Her stuff. From some gal in Detroit who isn’t licensed in anything. The disappointment that washed over her face as it came out I see a doctor, I take vitamins, and I choose to follow his direction.


I didn’t care. I bought shake mix and protein bars (50 servings in all) for 68.00 (1.36 per serving). I was quite pleased.

All in all, a productive day for me. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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