The Earbud and the Bra

Posted: January 1, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I almost didn’t make the gym this morning.

Last night I didn’t really get to sleep until close to 2:00a.m. I was up and down all night, when the alarm went off I promptly dismissed it and grabbed another hour and half of “z” time. Finally I pull myself out of sleep, wander to the bathroom, and kid you not….flop back into bed with the remote.

I spend the next seven minutes hitting the channel button. Then the internal dialog begins:

“You know, it is January first.”
“Point being?”
(Insert dramatic “sighing” sound here)

Twenty minutes later I had finished up a nice, hot shower. I made a quick protein drink, downed what seemed like thirty pills (vitamins), grabbed my water bottle and zipped over to the gym. When I got inside, there was an instructor screaming at the class in the aerobic room: “MOOOOOVE to the left! LEFT!” Scary thing is, I think she’s the one who teaches the TRX class. I could be in trouble!

I rode the stationary bike for about 35 minutes. Which was only about 12-13 miles per hour, the screen said 138 calories burned, and 6.37 miles. That’s a little depressing. But, first day in a gym after being out of the loop for a year and half. Guess that’s pretty good.

Oh, and Jenny the gym employee came over to say hi to me. I pulled my earbuds out to talk to her for a moment, when I went to put them back into my ears I was missing the earbud cover. Jenny offered to look, but didn’t see it on the floor. She suggested it might be on my shirt.


It was in my bra.

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