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Tonight I participated in a spin class for beginners. About.com says spin classes are “done in a fitness studio with up-beat music, and an energizing atmosphere where the instructor guide the participants through workout phases. Sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc.”

It’s a fairly accurate definition. They left out the seat. No matter how much “cushion” the backside one might have, it don’t do a dang thing for them!

The clothes I used to work out in when I was going to the gym on a regular basis no longer fit, so I was grateful it was dark outside when I arrived at the gym around 5:30 this evening. I was feeling particularly uncomfortable…kind of out of place. The staff at the gym have been great, and I honestly believe if it weren’t for that small fact I would not have walked through the doors. But I made the appointment to attend, and I promised Ironman Dan I would go. Then I remembered all the people who have the link to the blog….I couldn’t back out.

I get my key and find the locker it’s assigned to. After I dropped my bag inside I took a few seconds to debate whether or not to leave the sweatshirt on. It’s my security blanket. In a perfect world it makes stuff disappear….

Oh wait…that was Harry Potter and his cloak of invisibility…

Anyways…I finally get down to the room where all the spin bikes are. Fourteen bikes were in a circle around the room, two of the walls behind them were mirrored. I walked into the room, saw two people, and promptly walked out. The instructor was coming down the hall at the same time I was planning my escape, and she helped get me set up on the bike. I was so nervous I knocked over my water bottle, which blew open onto the floor.

The class was 45 minutes. We started with some stretches, a few position techniques, then the music and off we went. Okay…off they went. I couldn’t do the standing stuff (what’s also referred to as “jumping”). My knees wouldn’t allow it. I was completely embarrassed over not being able to do what the others were doing that I gave consideration to stopping and leaving at the twenty minute mark.

Then twenty went to twenty five, then to thirty, and soon the class ended.

The instructor was cool. I asked if it was okay that I didn’t do the jumps, I mean, I can do the same thing on an upright stationary bike out on the floor. She told although I couldn’t see the others in the room, I was not the only one who was sitting (riding flat). She encouraged me to come back next week.

Total side note. Stretches are part of the cool down, and riders exit the bikes and use the equipment to do stretches the instructor says to do. So when she said, “Put your leg up on the seat and touch your toes” I almost busted up laughing.

“You want me to touch my toes? I can’t even SEE my toes.”

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Food Log (how this lays out is how my nutritionist suggested I tackle the day):
Breakfast: Protein Shake (200 cal.)
Snack: Food bar/supplement (195 cal.)
Lunch: Unasource 100 shake & food bar (300 cal.)
Snack: Food bar/supplement (200 cal.)
Before spin class: Protein shake (100 cal.)
After spin class: Protein shake (100 cal.)
Dinner: cucumber salad (53 cal.)

Total sugar for the day: a whopping 11 grams

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