Sixty Three Inches

Posted: January 4, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

In parts of Europe and Latin America a standard King sized bed is sixty-three inches wide.

According to the NHL Hockey official rules, no hockey stick shall exceed sixty-three inches.

Sixty-three inches could be the average height of European women.

Sixty-three ears of selected corn could give half a bushel of shelled grain.

A “Utility Vehicle” is any motorized vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use which is sixty-three inches or less in width…(from “Tilting and Registration Requirements for All-Terrian Vehicles”).

Some trees are sixty-three inches round. That’s five feet and one quarter of an inch.

I was going to post about Mark. My hyper trainer with biceps so big that if you painted them orange they’d look just like water wings. He likes my tattoos, especially the one Ryan did for me. He said in six-months to a year from now everyone will be commenting my “guns”, when I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt in the gym. Mark said he takes no B/S, offers no B/S, appreciates honesty, and will crack my funny self upside the head the minute I slack off. He said he’s the male version of Jillian (no explanation needed) and has a history of yelling at people. Mark’s exactly who I needed, and I have the rug burn on my elbows to prove it (planks….OMG…ow).

However, what has been burned into my brain since 5:15 this afternoon has been the number sixty-three. The circumference of my body at it’s largest point is sixty-three inches. Remember, that is five feet and one quarter of an inch. Round. Just in case this requires more perspective: I’m a little over seventy inches tall.

There is nothing anyone can say to alleviate the thump of that reality check. Nothing. Not often am struck speechless. Today I am.


P.S. as of the weigh in with Mark, I’ve lost four pounds this week. I started at 351 back in November. I’m 338 today. Monday I have a weigh in at the doctor’s office.

  1. […] lost 14 pant sizes. I’m no longer as round as a hockey stick is long (I was sixty three inches around). 1.5 shoes sizes. I can wrap bath towels around me. I still like the elliptical. […]

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