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A systems conversion at work has me all stressed out:  testing of processes, forms, fields, and a slew of other items is never-ending.  Tomorrow evening is the big transfer of data. Friday will be filled with time consuming verifications and posting of information which didn’t make it through Thursday night.  If this were all I had to deal with, I don’t think I’d be as wigged out as I am. Three people in my department have decided in all their infinite wisdom over the past few days they would hunker down and get cracking on learning our module.  Problem is I not only led a training class with step-by-step instructions a little over eight weeks ago, I also have made myself available for ongoing training.  Needless to say, my irritation level reached an all new high when I got a phone call stating the go-to person I put in place…didn’t have any answers.  Tomorrow I go in early, stay late, and while doing my normal tasks must set precious time aside to retrain.  Sort of blows.


Today was a short day.  I went to an appointment with the surgeon who will be performing my gastric bypass, who’s office is located at the hospital.  So after driving around the parking structure for a minute playing Capture the Stall I hop into an elevator and ride down the first floor from the second.  After walking into the main entrance I find Dr. Krause’s information on wall and proceed to get into the elevator.

To ride back up the second floor.

I make my way down the hall to Dr. Krause’s office, open the door and immediately notice the waiting room was full of overweight people, sitting in wider-than-normal seats (they should get these things for church!), all hiding in winter coats and other clothing.  Know what’s interesting?  Even though the office was obviously catering to overweight people, I could tell we all felt out of place.  You know, like walking naked across the football field at the Rose Bowl.

It was a very long afternoon.  The secretary had us fill out paperwork, then we went into a conference room where filled out more paperwork.  Dr. Krause came in and told us about the procedure, answered some questions, then we were sent back out the waiting room.  He met with us one-on-one, which took all of ten minutes a piece.  Two-and-a-half hours to be told I’ll have to wait three weeks before I find out what the insurance company will require of me.

I’m pooped.

  1. Michele says:

    >this is really good, looking forward to more of Mac's Journey

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