Nothing Impressive

Posted: January 18, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I am alive and have nothing new to report.

However, I will say stress seriously sucks.  It sucks the fun out of a day.  It sucks the joy out of a job I really like.  It sucks my time.  It sucks my emotions.  It sucks the pep out of my step.  It’s made me really temper-mental….yes, more than usual.

Stress just sucks.

The new systems software has been integrated at the office for all the companies.  It’s taken five days (including the weekend) to reconcile everything, in that we discovered the accounting employees aren’t following procedures.  It’s one thing to miss posting a payment, it’s another thing entirely to have discrepancies in places where there should be no discrepancies.  Everyone who has been trained  has conveniently forgotten how to work in the new program…we’ll leave out the part where there are step-by-step idiot proof instructions (or so I thought).   It’s super frustrating that I can’t get my stuff done because I have to come very short of pounding someone to a pulp before they finally get the concept:

“…noooo….you can NOT post negative checks….”

I have no motivation and I’m absolutely exhausted.

Can someone take a nap for me?


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