I Got a Fever

Posted: April 6, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I do so love the changes in the seasons here in Michigan, but I have got a serious case of “Spring Fever”.  The few warm days we’ve had over the last month had me open a few windows at home or drive with them down in my Jeep.  It’s all been a total tease.  I am completely done with wet weather of any kind, and I desperately want to open my windows and get fresh air flowing through my little apartment…at least until the summer heat bakes my little upper and I cram the AC units in the windows.

Gas prices are ridiculous.  I realize some people I know are paying well over four bucks a gallon, but considering our cost of living here and the BLATANT fact over half a million people in the tri-county area have been out of work since April of last year…well, gas prices are ridiculous.  There’s a running rumor right now that we’ll hit a little over four bucks a gallon by Easter, and the west coast will likely be above five.  I think the Amish community might have something going with that whole horse drawn buggy thing.

Monday I meet with Dr. Doyle again to review my blood tests, which I’m sure will still say I’m vitamin deficient and anemic.  I’m completely convinced if they did the blood tests in the middle of the month instead of the end of the month the anemia wouldn’t be an issue (let your brain think…).  I’m hoping the scale wiggles in my favor once again and that I wont be retaining like GALLONS of water.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s a major inconvenience.

I spoke to the gal at the surgeon’s office on Monday and let her know my “six consecutive months” were now fulfilled.  Seriously, that is totally stupid.  Doesn’t matter if you see the doctor six or sixty times, it has to be six months in a row, no interruptions.  *Sigh*.  So they’re going to wait for Dr. Doyle’s notes to make their way through the system then they’re faxing my records back to the insurance company to get an approval.  I’m hopeful we’ll be setting a date by the end of April.

And if we don’t…I will so be complaining.

Final thought of the night:

I have discovered the makers of Benefiber could save MILLIONS of dollars in advertising costs by altering their slogan:  “Benefiber…it makes you go.”

Much love.

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