Pants Down

Posted: April 12, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I have a migraine…which might be why I’m plopping this online.

Late this afternoon I consumed a fairly decent amount of water and had to “go”.  So after finishing my business I came to stark realization there was no paper in the stall.  Now add to the fact I’ve acquired a touch of OCD over the past few years and you can probably guess…

…I was freaking out!

After mere seconds of contemplating “options”, I grabbed my pants with my right hand, swung the stall door open with the left and grabbed at the “hands free” paper towel dispenser.  I swear as the good Lord Jesus is my witness, I never actually looked for the dispenser.  I kept grabbing at it with my free hand while glaring at the main door to the bathroom.  All I could think is, ‘I am so going to get busted with my pants down’.

Doesn’t matter where you are…if you don’t pay attention to things around you, you’ll always get busted with your pants down.

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