Posted: May 2, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

>Two weeks from tomorrow.  Fourteen days.  That’s only 336 hours.

I know, neurotic, huh?

So I’m a little more freaked out than I had thought.  No, not in the “I think it’s time to change my mind” because I have no hesitation about having the surgery.  It’s other things.  You know…such as family and friends who can’t be here, who I really wish were here.  I have support, yet I kind of feel like I’m a little out there on the raft, by myself.  And yes, I know God is with me. God’s awesome.  Hugs and literal hand holding is awesome, too.

I got home from work and fixed dinner (yeah, dumped a can of chicken noodle into a pan…well-a.  Soup.).  The mailman didn’t bring me anything exciting (actually, it sort of added to my mini-panicohmygodmylifeisgoingtochange-attack), the news…um…no need to say anymore.  So after a couple of phone calls I cracked open my homework for small group and tossed on Raul to go with it (some would call that “cheating”…I, however, find it very insightful and a HUGE tool…okay…yeah…cheating, but it’s really good!).  In Colossians 3:15, Paul talks about the peace of God.  Then Raul said, “Make sure the peace of God rules over your life…it’s the opposite of anxiety.  Be anxious for nothing…you need the peace of God in your lives to rule over your hearts.  Be thankful for everything He has given us.”

Well, there was the spiritual elbow to the ribs.  I’m flipping out about things I have no control over (grocery prices, gas hikes, teeny tiny paycheck) when I should just do what I’ve been doing – diving into the one thing that brings me great comfort and warms my heart.  Studying the Bible.

Note to all my pals:  I will still take hugs and hand holding ANY time!



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