Got a Little Knocked off Course

Posted: May 4, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I had my pre-op with Dr. Doyle and Nannette the nutritionist today.  Went fairly well.  I have to pop in the day before my surgery, that’s to make sure I haven’t “gained” any weight in the middle.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the call from someone in billing from the hospital.  Long story short-there’s a balance from my week long vacation there back in July of 2009.  I had applied for assistance with the bill, faxed my life over (seems to be a recurring theme lately) to the representative and in September (I believe it was September) I had received a note in the mail stating they were going to be covering the balance remaining.  The original balance was a rediculous amount of money, then the hospital “discounted” for not having insurance, so the balance was to be picked up through this organization.  I had call the rep back in October because I received another statement, higher than the first, and when I had spoken with the hospital they hadn’t done anything with the letter and the organization.  Two years later, and 13 days from when I’m supposed to have surgery, I’m still having the same conversation with the billing department.

Except now they’re indicating they could prevent my surgery from happening.

I was incredibly disappointed, then I got mad.  The lady who contacted me tonight as I was getting into the Jeep stated she wanted to help since I was supposed to have a procedure (but made numerous mentions of how she was supposed to be out of the office at 4:30 and here she was calling me at 6:35….after the fourth mention of that fact I wanted to throw the phone).  So I again relayed my story of assistance through this organization.  There are notes in their system that I’ve called, but now mysteriously there’s notes stating nothing was covered by any outside agency and my responsibility is a really ridiculous amount of money.

I just wanted to cry.  Actually, I did cry.  Half way home down Crooks from Troy, then I called my mom and jumped up and down in my seat like a crazy woman (none of that conversation would have been pleasing to the Lord).  So now I have to scramble and do it all over again.  Banking statements, pay stubs, id and social security card (now, they have those on file, so I have no clue), taxes…AND I have to provide a letter about why I’m having this procedure on the 17th.

After I apologized to my mom for venting in the most unattractive manner, I went home and pulled out my little filing cabinet.  I have found everything I faxed to this place, including the stuff I spoke to the rep about in October of 2009 because the hospital sent another bill…I can not find that stupid letter.  I left her two messages tonight.  And I’m calling again in the morning.

With other events from this week, it’s been really discouraging.

Until tomorrow….

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