>This Is Not Going Well

Posted: May 5, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

>This might be repeating some of yesterdays blog.

I presently have insurance.

In 2009 I was 2 weeks from having insurance when I landed in the hospital for a week’s vacation with a major infection. I had thought the bill had been taken care of through an organization who works with low income people. I have not any statements from the hospital, have been there for tests, labs, etc. over the past two years. They have all my information, including work digits. So I haven’t been avoiding them. I received a couple of small bills last year and paid them.

Registration called me yesterday to confirm everything for the 17th and said I had quite the balance. Still convinced the bill had been taken care of, I contacted billing, who sent me to financial services. This woman is tough, not very friendly. I have learned and confirmed the debt was in fact not paid, and now I owe a balance in excess of 11k. I was denied assistance because they said I made too much money. I make more now, not much more. I offered up a payment plan of 150.00 per month and she all but said no and basically I got cornered into 256 a month, which I’m still not sure I can pull off.  That’s a lotta dough.

She’s still hinting at not allowing my surgery to go through. Again, it’s covered by my insurance, has been approved and they’ve acknowledged so. However, I feel she’s dancing me around the flag pole with “I have to present this to my supervisor, and he’s taken it to the director”. Oddly enough, she was much chipper with that statement.

Sue at the surgeon’s office is in a thither about it. She said it’s the most ridiculous thing she’s heard of, that she’s never heard of such a thing.  She said she’d speak with Dr. Krause and would be getting back with me.  I’m expecting to hear from her in the morning.  She’s pretty lit up.  Unfortunately, the hospital can refuse to allow me to have my surgery.

Part of me feels like I should be laying on the floor uttering magnanimous prayers into the carpet.  Part of me feels defeated and can only muster up small prayers, thanking God for who He is and can He help me out with all this junk.  They really only come out smaller because…well…they just do.  “Help me” translates the same whether I tell God what I really think of my self, or just repeat those two little words (with loud sighs of PLEASE) over and over again. 

It’s horribly stressful.  Totally exacerbates the insomnia…I’m not getting to sleep until 1a.m. most nights and for some redumbtive reason (yes, I spelled it like that on purpose) I have been waking up between 5 and 6a.m. 

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