>Lick 'n Run

Posted: May 6, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

>My surgeon’s nurse called me back this afternoon and said she spoke to the Collector.  Who told her side of the story, which the nurse did not repeat.  I piped in with the acknowledgement that the Collector probably thinks I was giving her a line of bunk, but I also made it clear that at no time did I ever say I would not pay.  So the nurse tells me she told the Collector the surgery would not be delayed, that “the patient” offered to make payment arrangements, etc.  I find out then why the Collector didn’t call me.  Her supervisor (um…yeah…not the director, go figure) is out until Monday.  The nurse asked me to reconsider having the financial department review my finances to reduce the amount of the bill.  She went to bat for me, how could I say no?

We are on for the 17th. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words.  I was really in the dumps this morning.  Amazing how much I perked up after spending my lunch break listening to a Bible study. 

Tid Bit For the Day:

I told Matthew today I wanted chocolate.  Then I envisioned myself going into CVS, wandering down to the freezer aisle, opening the door, popping the lids off some of the ice cream containers to give them all a long lick.  Then I’d haul myself out of there as fast I could.

It’d be the first annual Lick ‘n Run.

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