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>Last Tuesday, May 17th, I had my procedure.  My friend, Anne (person for the day), and I got to the hospital at 7:00a.m.  After registering they took me back to the pre-op area by 7:15.  I was so rattled by 7:30 my nurse and the anesthesiologist made sure to give me something to calm down…twice.  The actual surgery took a little over an hour and a half (started sometime after 9:00a.m.).  However, I spent over three and a half hours in the recovery room with the nursing staff trying to get my pain under control.  It was pretty awful.  The morphine headache I had the day after I was sent home took a close second.  Both left me in tears and not being able to see straight.

There was also the psycho roommate.  Who, I personally believe, should be praising God I didn’t become delirious in the middle of my stay and stuff a pillow case over her head when nobody was looking.  

I’ve had a handful of visitors from my small group at Genesis come by the house, bunches of calls, some emails, a couple of great cards  in the mail.  My best friend has made sure my butt’s been out of the house every day.  Today I drove to Troy to see Dr. Tosch (I have a sore throat and wanted to make sure it’s not “something”).  My scale at home and their scale has a 4 pound difference.  Clothes and shoes were also worn there and not at home.  So I’ve lost around 10-14 pounds since surgery day.  Because my “official” weigh-ins are at the doctor’s offices I’m obligated to use their numbers.  Still, that’s pretty flipping awesome!

A website geared towards those who are both obese and considering (having or had) gastric bypass surgery is quietly promoted by a fairly decent amount of weight loss physicians and hospitals across the country (I say “quietly” because there are still dumb, insensitive, ignorant hoo-hoo’s who like to bash on fat people for deciding on gastric bypass surgery).  Once a member has successfully had a gastric bypass procedure, they’re automatically included into “the” club.

The Loser’s Club.

This is the ticker from that web site.  It shows how many pounds I have to go to hit my goal. I dig the cow.

Macbit:  I’m really wanting green beans.


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