First Day Back At Work

Posted: May 25, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I didn’t make it past 1:00 p.m.

When I got into the office this morning I was feeling pretty good.  I grabbed the high-back chair out of the computer room to try to assure some comfort sitting at my desk, but it became clear as the morning drew on that it wasn’t going to work.  Leaning, moving, reaching, getting up, sitting down, walking around the office…everything just irritated the main incision.  By the time I talked to the owner about heading home, I was having a hard time standing up straight.  I wrapped up my cash transactions, gave the gals a heads up about my bank bags from store 6 which were en-route, then went home. 

Mom checks in everyday.  Monday we got into a bit of a tift on the phone, which constisted of “Listen to me…No…YOU listen to ME….No…listen….UH-UH…”.  Now, if you know me and you know her, we’re both standing in our homes over two thousand miles away from each other tossing hips and throwing the “No” finger in the air.  Yes mom, I do love you.

Anyhoo…I tried taking regular Tylenol today and it did nothing.  I can’t find regular liquid Tylenol, and I discovered from the manufacturer that it’s on backorder (now, read that sentence again and tell me if that makes any sense at all??).  So tomorrow I’m going to take the stuff the doctor prescribed to the office, and I’m very happy it doesn’t make me loopy or overly friendly to strangers and weird pets.  If the pain can be kept under control I will have no problem making it through the day.  Pray, hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed!

Macbit:  Last night I had promised Becky I’d call to let her know how the day ended up (whether I stayed or not at the office) and while we were on the phone a massive crack of thunder exploded over the top of my head.  I jumped, the dishes rattled and I instantly praised Jesus.


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