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Well, for being almost two weeks post op I think I’m doing okay.  Work was a bit of a struggle.  Before you ask: if I had any additional paid time off I would have taken it.  I did what I had to, and they’ve been pretty cool at the office.  I’m just really thankful my job doesn’t require lifting anything heavier than a ream of paper or throwing objects off a ladder.

Friday I saw the surgeon, just to peek at my incisions because one of them was looking a bit weird.  He confirmed what I had thought: Neosporin and band-aids.  Which really doesn’t work out too well because I have an adhesive allergy…I frigging itch.  Picture the fat guy at the bar who likes to rub his belly…

Anyways, we did talk about going to the gym/biking.  He’d really like me to wait a couple more weeks considering I don’t sit well for long periods of time and a bike is just going to aggravate everything..kind of like walking and rolling over does (did I tell you I got stuck on the mattress on my back?  Think “turtle”).  And he doesn’t want me doing any lifting at all, no core stuff, for quite some time.  As much as I’d like to wave the magic wand and make myself look like Linda Carter with a gold rope, for now I’ll just have to pretend I’m one of Gonzo’s pampered chickens.

I know, weird analogy.  It’s all I could think of.

Today I woke up really stiff and sore.  I think most of it may have to do with the weather, I’m fighting off a headache too. I managed to clean the car out – I think some kid left their science experiment in the back seat (cough-cough) – got rid of the dust, and slammed the corner of the door into a cinder block at the car wash due to misjudging my parking ability.  NOT a word, Matthew!

Mom calls everyday to check up on me, see how I’m doing.  Today we discussed re-fried beans and mashed potatoes.  I have the beans.  They were more of an experiment, and canned is icky.  I like my beans (I did learn a few things in SoCal).  But one can get creative with a few spices, sour cream and a stove top.  Matthew and I talked yesterday.  I’m going to have to limit my calls with him.  We’re terrible.  In a matter of mere minutes we send each other into hysterics.  I”m thinking one giggle session a week might be safe.

That’s about it.  Nothing exciting.  Wednesday is my post op with my weight loss doctor and the nutritionist.  I was going to get a little excited about the possibility of vegetables, then I remembered they’re going to have to be pureed…OCD kicked in.

Mac-ism for the week:  Thursday my controller walked out of the training room with left over bagels and a container of cream cheese.  I asked if it was his mid-afternoon snack. He promptly pulled a crumb off the side of a bagel and said, “Hungry?”

Have a great rest of your weekend.

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