Thwack, 80% Reduction and Popscicle Kits

Posted: June 2, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

Post-ops were this week.  I’ve lost about 15 pounds since my surgery, 37 total since I walked through the doors of the weight loss center back in November.  Maybe not so exciting for some people, but that’s 37 pounds I don’t have to lug up the stairs anymore.  The doctors weren’t thrilled I went back to work as soon as I did, but as I have mentioned before I didn’t have anymore time off.  I just have to figure out how to make the desk as comfortable as my cave at home, which may not be possible but I’m going to try.

I finally heard back from the Collector at the hospital.  Truth be told, I was really annoyed with her because she pushed so hard for my stuff and kept me waiting for three weeks for an answer.  She left me a message today that the financial services department reduced the bill by 80%, which leaves me owing just under $2,400 dollars…not including the deductible from the surgery.  I sent an email thanking her and am trying to work out a payment arrangement that’s reasonable for everyone involved.  Debi suggested I go in smelly and in frumpy clothes…but…well, if you know me and my OCD…it just can’t happen.  LOL

At CVS today after I picked up a prescription and a box of plastic spoons, I wandered down the summer aisle and found four packs of Popsicle making kits.  How excited was I?  I bought three!  I had to get out of that aisle though…lots of brightly colored stuff desiring me to pick them up.  Nope.

Macbit:  Sitting at my desk today at the office, I had a baggie with my vitamins.  The small ones I can take whole but the multivitamin and one other are a little long and need to be cut.  So there I am, thwacking the crap out of this poor Ziplock with a pen in a desperate attempt to snap these stupid things in half.

I successfully made vita-powder.  It was quite disgusting.

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