The Twenty Club

Posted: June 7, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I have t-shirts which look practically brand new, the colors aren’t even faded.  I only wore them a few times, then the insecurities set in because they were either too tight, too short, or both.  So I stuffed them in the “someday” spots:  buried deep in the dresser or on the dark side of the closet (next to my Darth Vader suit).  In the past few days I’ve pulled a handful of them out (I mentioned something about this on my FB wall).  Saturday was the first time in well over a year I went someplace and did not hide myself in an over-sized shirt over my t-shirt, or a hoodie.  Today I took the hoodie to the office, but spent most of the day with it hanging on the back of my chair (the AC can get a bit nippy).

My supervisor and I were talking about something in his office today and he said, “I can see…so if it’s okay to ask…how much have you lost so far?”  He did apologize for asking, but he and I have a good working relationship and I wasn’t offended at all.  It was just the high point to my day.

Officially I’ve lost 21.5 pounds in three weeks.  I’m now a member of the Twenty Club.  Cool, huh?

My day consisted of the biggest craving for a diet soda (I did not give in), and the following:

Atkins Premix Shake
Cream of Wheat (half of which was from yesterday)
Sugar Free Jello Pack (I can get full on one of these)
1/4 cup Chunky Vegetable Soup (Meijer version, left overs)
Z-Pro 25 protein shake (these are gross, they smell icky, and they’re gross)
EAS AdvantEdge Premix Shake

All of which add up to a whopping 505 calories and 60 grams of protein. 

Dinner is pending, that’ll probably be green….like Kermit.

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