And the Journey Begins…

Posted: June 23, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

We plan, Google the directions, pack up the car, throw it in drive and head off to our destination of adventure.  For the most part we know exactly where we will end up.  But I wonder, what would that destination of adventure look like should we not plan.  Not Google the directions.  Not pack up the car.

How about we just throw it in drive and see where we end up?

Life is a journey with it’s beginnings rooted in our birth.  It starts with diapers, then the stool in front of the sink.  Later a wobbly two-wheeler that Dad let go of half a block ago.  The best friend, the lost boyfriend, high school graduation, college initiation.  Degrees, marriage, a new house.

And a new beginning with a new birth.

There is no coincidence in the statement above.  I believe we’re all called to walk a path, and though we may walk together with dust on our sandals, our journey through life is unique.  No other created being experiences what we as humans do, and it’s an exciting ride.

I hope you’ll journey with me.

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