Well, This Sucks

Posted: June 23, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

My hair has always been thin, and for the better part of my adult life I  have shed hairs.  The shedding had gotten much better over the past couple of years, so I let my hair grow out.  It’s curly, blonde, and I have found pony-tails rock on hot days.

Since my surgery last month I’ve noticed my hair now falls out in gobs.  I find myself everywhere: on the desk at work, all over my sweatshirt or sweater, in the tub, in the sink, on the floor, and yes…in the sock drawer. Oddly enough, not a strand on any of my pillows (I just checked).  Yesterday I asked Dr. Doyle about it, and explained I don’t want to run out and cut it all off because…frankly…that’s more change than I think I can handle at the moment.

And I mentioned pony-tails rock on hot days, right?

He said it really doesn’t stop until my weight stabilizes, “So, quite some time.”  He also added that “contrary to what myths are on the internet” hair loss is stress related.  Well, that made a bucket of sense…my insides were just rearranged.  I have also been sick, and I’m still adjusting to all the nutrition changes.

Still, all of this knowledge just doesn’t eliminate the little spot inside that has become a bit depressed over the hair loss issue.  Maybe the little spot is vanity, but I seriously doubt it.  There are things that women identify with – women stuff.  Like boobs.  Oh quit laughing!  Think about it.  A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and one breast is removed.  A piece of her identity goes with it.  Men don’t have boobs (well…summer at the beach really shouldn’t be mentioned here). I don’t know how the heck they would relate to all this (sorry boys).

It sucks.  However, I think lopping all my hair off at this moment will cause me to feel like part of my identity has been altered.  So…for now…I’ll clean out the drain and seek out my Michigan cap.

Update:  I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since my surgery.  I’m absolutely positive next week I’ll be celebrating the fact my weight loss numbers and my years of life will both be IN the 40’s.

  1. Carol says:

    Hang in there Traci, just think less hair in the summer should make you feel cooler!!! 40 lbs and counting thats great. I could use to loose 40 lbs!!!! Praying for you,keep up the good work and don’t worry about your hair. Love Ya Carol

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