Posted: June 26, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized


Sometime ago I purchased a Ninja.  It’s this little food processor/blender-on-steroids ditty that works really well.  I had no idea I would be using this much when I got it, I’m thrilled to pieces.  It works ten times better than a regular blender (speaking of which…I have one and it’s now up for grabs).

Anyway, today I cooked up a pound of ground beef that I had picked up at Traders. Their stuff isn’t processed and full of weird junk, which probably explains why I couldn’t chop up the pieces into the tiny bits I had hoped to. I stood in the kitchen pondering what to do with my chunky dilemma, then I spotted the Ninja on the counter. It has three containers, the two small ones I use daily. The large container is for bulk drinks, smoothies, and so forth. It comes with it’s own blade stem and lids. I plopped all the ground beef in it, secured the top and hit the button.

And wallah-itty, bitty pieces of ground beef. I was so proud of myself I slapped that container on the counter and laughed myself silly.

Later this week I get to try Tofu.  :/

  1. Carol says:

    you are braver than I am with toufu!!!!enjoy lol

  2. I still haven’t tried it. I have no idea what to do with it and I can’t really put it with anything….because I have a teeny, tiny tummy.

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