The Collector Revisted

Posted: July 27, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

Remember back in May when I wrote about my encounter with the Collector at the hospital and she hinted at my not being able to have my surgery because of an old bill?

You’re going to love this.

The Collector sent my financial paperwork back to me (three months after the fact) about two weeks ago. Scrawled on the front of the manilla envelope inside was the following: “It’s still consideredĀ  bad debt unless you make a payment.” She signed her name and put her phone number underneath. I was furious.

I obtained the name of the director who ran the department the Collector worked in and sent a letter (overnight). I explained my dealings with the Collector, included copies of emails and added all I wanted was something on their letterhead confirming the bill reduction and monthly payment plan. I stated I refuse to deal with the Collector any further, and I attached the original manilla envelope the Collector scribbled all over.

Honestly, I expected to get stalked by the collections department and start the whole ordeal over again. Today I received a rather fat envelope from the hospital. My heart sunk.

I opened the envelope, pulled out all the paper and shouted “oustanding!” after I saw the statement used as the cover. Not only did I get my confirmation of the bill reduction, the hospital gave me my original payment I offered, AND payments aren’t due to start until the end of August.

This may all sound stupid to someone who’s fitter financially than I am, but in this day and age a simple letter resolved the entire outcome…in my favor.


Side note: I have pictures on Facebook which show my weight loss, which is up to 60 pounds. Pretty cool. Now if I could actually finish an entire cup of coffee before the end of the day…


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