Six Month Surgiversary

Posted: November 17, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

That’s what they call it on the boards I frequent…a surgiversary. Today marks six months since I had gastric bypass surgery. For the most part, I believe everyone who knows me has been supportive. I also get the feeling a small handful think I took the easy way out. It’s unspoken, but the feeling is still there.

Coming to the decision to have gastric bypass was not easy. I spent a year looking into the procedures. At the time there were only two available: lap-band and Roux-en-Y (RNY). I wasn’t too keen on foreign objects in my person. Plus, I have read about a lot of revisions (from band to RNY). I certainly didn’t want to do this twice. Mom had the RNY, she was successful. November of last year I met with my weight loss doctor for the first time, weighing in at a hefty 354 pounds.

Go to the grocery store and stack up 16 – 25 pound bags of dog food into a shopping buggy. Now, push the buggy. Pretty tough. Now, imagine carrying that around. That was a reality check. I was just over 40 and weighed almost 400 pounds. I didn’t clue into it at the time. I was more or less feeling a little desperate I needed to make some serious changes or my health was going to decline very quickly. I was suffering from recurring skin infections, stomach issues, had my gallbladder removed, two attacks of pancreatitis, back trouble, knee problems. One of my doctors also promised me if I did not make an honest effort to make some serious changes regarding my weight, he could all but assure me I would develop¬†diabetes within 5 years. I believed him. At the time my blood pressure had started showing signs of going high.

So, six months of office visits, a half-assed/lame attempt at the gym (it really was lame…I was so lazy), and May 17th rolls around. Day of my surgery. Life just wouldn’t be the same.

Everyone looses weight differently. I look like I’ve lost more than I have because I’m stricken with the curse of being super tall. I’m also not framed like an average woman, something my doctor tells me will always be in my favor. I’ve lost a total of 101 pounds to date (I wanted to lose 100 by December), and over the last month 11.5 inches all over (see yesterday’s blog post). I’m hopeful to have met my goal of loosing 200 pounds by my one year surgiversary date.

I follow a strict diet, get my water in, have my coffee every day, eat my vitamins (providing I’m not in a hurry and running out the front door), I don’t go after the things I used to (in other words, I’ve learned Moose Tracks is NOT a food group all by itself). My back rare bothers me. My knees do, but that’s an ongoing situation and with help need to do strengthening to keep from having a knee replacement earlier than I need to. I sleep better, don’t gasp for air climbing the stairs to my flat, constantly adjust the seat in my Jeep because my belly is no longer the primary driver, and this next week I’ll be buying two more pairs of pants because the three I just bought a few weeks ago are now too big. I have someone to ship them to, so they will get used.

I’m pretty stoked. I cannot wait to see what I look like in May. How fun is this!!


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