Never Buy Something With More Ingredients Than You Have Digits

Posted: November 22, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

Over the weekend I tried a different grocery store (you can read about the adventure here), and did something I never do anymore: grabbed a package without reading the ingredients (insert creepy “Oh No!” music here).

Aldi has a brand called Bremer. I stumbled across their “Homestyle Beef” blah-blah in the freezer section just as I was finishing my shopping. I grabbed the package, glanced at the calories and whatnot, thought I could split this thing into four meals, and tossed it into the buggy.

Tonight I decided to cook up the bag. So I open said bag. Inside contained smaller bags: one with green beans, sliced carrots, onion pieces and diced white potatoes. The second: beef pot roast “dices”. The third: a “homestyle savory sauce”. On the beef bag the ingredients were listed. Words like sodium phosphate, modified food starch, caramel color stood out like the neon signs that blink on and off in the middle of the night (in a horror movie). I was completely disturbed over “caramel color”. Then I looked at the packaging itself, which is what is pictured with this blog post.

OMG! Do you SEE the list?

Seriously. I can’t even pronounce half those ingredients. And the length. Holy crap. I saw a recipe for Oreo Cookie Balls that had less in it than I had toes. I just knew none of that stuff would be good for me (in the Bremer bag…I don’t know about the Oreo’s :P). What I do know is this:

Never, ever, EVER buy anything that has more ingredients than you have digits!


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