I Baked an Apple Crumble

Posted: November 24, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

On the Bariatric Foodie Blog, there’s a recipe for Apple Brown Nik (she called it that because it has apples, it is brown, she’s Nikki and cooked it, and she too, is brown). I just called it an apple crumble.

The ingredients were minimal. To be honest, I didn’t think those main items pictured would turn into something so yummy.

I sliced and cored six Granny Smith apples by hand (which means I do not have an apple peeler or one of fancy doo dads that cores the apples for you…and I don’t want one). I realized the slices may have been too large, so I cut them into chunks and dropped them into the largest pan I have. As you can see from the picture…there was just a wee bit too much apple for that pan. 

Side note: No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I have what is commonly referred to as an apartment stove. It really is just cute as all get out.

Obviously I needed more space, so I pulled out a large pot. I melted “butter” (well, i can’t really believe it’s NOT butter because I got it all over my fingers and it was…um…yummy…cough, cough), added nutmeg, cinnamon, the apple chunks and Splenda. After cooking for a bit I ended up with pretty brown colored apples.

I cooked them a few minutes longer and the small sauce turned darker, the apples softened up and OMG! Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Actually, that wasn’t really the surprise. The piece I had tested was super sweet, almost too much for me. So I thought maybe I screwed it up somehow. Still, I plodded forward. I mean, I was halfway there…I couldn’t stop, and I wasn’t about to throw out all those apples.

I made the crumble mixture in my handy dandy Ninja. Which was really kind of fun. Few little bursts and this container was just filled with crumble stuff, I think it looked better than what I could have picked up pre-crumbled in the store. Since I know what’s in it, makes it all that much better. Side note: got to be really careful toasting nuts on the stove. They can burn rather quickly (hey, no comments!)

Per Nikki’s instructions, I poured the apple mixture into a 9×13 pan. That shocked me. Total illusion of the eyes because you just couldn’t tell if they were going to fit or if there was going to be unfilled gaps. But I smoothed the mixture out so it would fit the entire bottom of the pan and then sprinkled the crumble mixture on top, and wella…ready for the oven.

The instructions indicated to bake for 30 minutes at 350, or until the apple mixture bubbles through and the crumble browns. There’s where things got a little iffy because at 30 minutes, nothing was bubbling through and it certainly wasn’t turning brown.

I left it in the oven for another 20 minutes or so. I kept a close eye on it so it wouldn’t burn, and since this was my first try at anything of this magnitude…I didn’t want to jack it up. I took it out of the oven and the edges were pretty bubbly and those were brown, the rest however, didn’t look the way I imagined it would, but what the heck.

I transferred part of the desert to a smaller pan, then transferred a serving to a small plate. The only item I didn’t have was whipped cream. This turned out AMAZING! A little tart, a little sweet. Ice cream probably would have made it rock, but quite honestly it rocked all by itself. I am excited!

Thus, Traci cooked an apple crumble!

  1. My word, you have nailed it with this recipe. I Love apple crumble and this is up there. Thanks

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