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This past week I’ve managed to blast through four pair of pants. You know, part of that “I only have 17 hangers with articles of clothing on them”? I think they lasted five weeks before they began to fall off. Two shirts no longer fit either. I could own stock in Lane Bryant if I keep going at this rate!

But…I seriously doubt I’ll be shopping at Lanies too much longer. Their lowest size is a 14/16. I’m already wearing that in just about everything, and have begun to snag a couple of things from the regular department store. Granted, it’s been gym shorts and pajama bottoms. Still, six and a half months ago…NEVER would have been able to do that!

No seriously. I mean, check out my latest updated self-portrait (yes, I know I take pictures in the same spot all the time…but…I only have one mirror that goes past the waist!

Another change I noticed: the dent I put in my new undentable mattress after I bought it last summer (the one I saved for a year to buy) is gone. Who knew!?! I also sleep in one spot now instead of all over the place. To you, the blog reader, this may not mean anything…but to me it means I’m sleeping through the night and not waking up all freaking time.

Finally, my Jeep. I’ve mentioned before about the fact my belly no longer steers the SUV. Well, my butt no longer conforms to the seat. I am constantly readjusting the seat, I have this gap between me and the steering wheel (which I had lowered two inches), my legs have shrunk so they lay weird. I move the seat forward, move it back, move it up, move it down. I thought I had finally gotten it right the other morning, and yesterday…the stupid mechanic moved EVERY thing.

I have lost 103 pounds, oodles of inches, and 14% on the BMI scaley thingy. But what’s really gotten my attention is Paul’s writings in the New Testament. He talks about putting off the old man and putting on the new. I really think I’m starting to get that.

It’s kind of cool.

  1. ann slaybaugh says:

    good analogy

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