Two Gas Masks, Please

Posted: December 9, 2011 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

All I have thought about over the past few days are friends of ours who are overseas, who have a front porch view of a nation about to teeter into war – and all they want – while practically everyone they know in the states has an overwhelmed, glassy-eyed, coma-like gaze over Christmas expenses – are two gas masks.

So while darling Darla begs you for that new thing all the other kids have (“you know I’ll absolutely die without it”) – on the other side of the world a man is pleading with a government official. He tells the official he understands he and his wife aren’t “citizens”, but please consider the government letter he has as he shows the official their passports.

They just want a couple of gas masks because they, too, desire to live. With what is stirring in the wind, war breaking out soon is a very, very real reality.

Before you go to your Christmas or birthday parties, or do your elephant trading, before you drop half your savings account on something that will most likely be collecting dust in three months, consider making a donation to the organization our friends belong to (click here for more information – you can earmark your donation: House Directors in Akko).

And if your finances simply do not permit a donation, please – I beg you – keep them in prayer, ask your friends to pray for them. Add them to your local church prayer list. They are an amazing couple and I wish I would have gotten to tell them that the last time I saw them.



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