Dear Lord, You SMELL (…Oh..and a Review!)

Posted: February 2, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I am a firm believer God created things out of the needs which arose in the midst of those He loved:

Physicians (no brainer). Water pots. Shrunken staffs (canes). Togas. Indestructible shoes. Food raining from the skies (no, Sony Animation didn’t think of it first). Fireproof clothing. Wood that floats.


Seriously. Could you imagine what the stench must have been like for the poor shepherds who had to herd sheep in the desert, under the hot sun, in togas and turbans? What about the disciples? Bible says they washed their feet, I don’t remember anywhere it says they took a bath.


“Yes, Peter.”

“Could you sit over there on that empty pillow at the table?”

“Is there a particular reason?”

“An odor emitteth.”

I arrived at the gym today just before 5. After I changed I eagerly climbed onto an elliptical, fumbled with an app on my phone, set the level thingy on the machine display and
proceeded to do my thing. Not even two minutes passed before I caught a waft of an odor.
While it hung out like Casper the Friendly Ghost, I scoped the mirrors to find out where it came from. Which really could have been anywhere, the ceiling fans did not help the situation at ALL. Whomever it was, they smelled like they were workin’ on the railroad…

…and warehouse…and freeway…and…

Enough about the stinky person.

I have gotten a little bored with my play lists I put together for my workouts. I love the music, but to have to listen to the same songs over and over is annoying (I have this same issue with the radio. Solution: Pandora, Slacker…). Yesterday I learned of an app where someone mixed a whole mess of music with beats as part of their podcast, and they update the play list every week. So I found it in iTunes, then discovered two things: 1) it’s an iPhone app and I do not own an iPhone. 2) To eliminate the 60 second business blip at the start of every song one must upgrade to Premium. I searched to see what that looked like. It’s not even available yet! Grrrr…

So I searched the Android Market and came across this free app called FIT Radio. Their website said, “FIT Radio puts fast-paced, club-inspired mixes at your fingertips, available on-demand. Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym, bored at the office, or busting moves with friends, FIT Radio enhances any occasion.”

Well, it was free. I figured if I didn’t like it I could always delete it.

This thing is the BOMB!

FIT Radio is a small music player which has genres (i.e. Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Dubstep, Party, Indie Dance, Lounge, Open Format), and over twenty stations (i.e. iClub Radio, Back in the Day, House Sounds, Live from XS, Live from Opera, etc.). Small note: there are a couple of genres and stations which have the word “Explicit” in the description. Means the listener won’t get surprised by the station. I appreciated the heads up.

FIT Radio does have advertising. However, I only heard the one which said I was listening to FIT Radio. Major score there. In my opinion the most fantastical thing about FIT Radio is the music stream itself. Each song moved to the next flawlessly. I’m serious! No skips, jumps, long pauses, or cut-off endings. It was so great.

So if you have given thought to switching up your workout music, I highly recommend you
check out FIT Radio. It’s free and quite nifty.

(***No, I wasn’t paid to share my opinion…actually, they have no idea I am posting this. Hopefully they won’t be too offended Stinky Person appeared first***)


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