TJ's Spinach Lasagna

Posted: February 16, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I bought Trader Joe’s Frozen Spinach Lasagna on a whim one weekend. It sounded good, and I’m mildly open to trying something different. I also would like to add here that I’m more apt to eat cooked spinach than dry, leafy spinach (salad style). Plus, it had cheese – huge win. I love cheese. I love hot cheese and enjoy watching it get all long and stringy when it’s melting. Yep. Love cheese.

My spinach lasagna could be heated in the oven or the microwave. The boilers are on full-cook-me-in-my-flat heat mode, therefore I decided the oven wasn’t going to be an option. I’d have all the windows open in a heartbeat and my head would have been stuck in the freezer. I stuck it in the microwave for about 15 minutes and proceeded to finish cleaning the kitchen.

I got excited over the aroma. It smelled like lasagna. After the microwave dinged, I let it sit for a few minutes (per the instructions), took it out and transferred it to a bowl. The disappointment began to set in when I noticed the only cheese on this little concoction was what melted (crusted) to the top. It didn’t even string. The spinach mix was watery, the pasta was blah. No sauce. Lack of cheese. Tasted…bland.

I gave serious thought to driving my bowl over to TJ’s and asking for my money back. Truly a disappointing experience. Think next time I’m in the mood for lasagna I’m going to raid the Bariatric Foodie blog.


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