Five Things You Need To Do At The Gym

Posted: February 21, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

After having an evening of disgust at the gym, I thought I’d share my own list of “Do’s” with you all (aren’t you just dying to see them???).

1. If you pee, wash your hands with soap AND water. The fact I even have to put this in print is disgusting. However, tonight I was at the sink after I peed and vigorously washed my hands (anyone who’s seen my dry, cracked knuckles knows I’m a teensy weensy bit OCD about this). A staff member from the gym peed, pretended to squirt soap on her hand, turned on the faucet, ran her fingers under the water, dove for the paper towel dispenser (I swear she did), then left. That took all of ten seconds. I washed my hands for 30 (in case you were wondering). 

2. Do your “ohmygoshigottalookcute” routine at home. Really. Nobody…and I do mean no-baw-dee…cares what you look like, how your make-up is, how big of a latte you got; nor do we desire to be suffocated in the locker room because you found it insanely necessary to share an entire bottle of hairspray with the girls…

…like it was Ultra Klutch. 

3. Scrub the machine as if you were going to claim it for your own. In other words, like you were going to lick the handles. 

4. If your gym has a no cell phone rule…follow it. I realize this is up for debate because some can carry on conversations and text like there’s no tomorrow as they’re running for their lives or climbing a mechanical Mount Kilimanjaro. However, check out the people who don’t know how to do either…they’re disruptive (loud) and they practically stop what they’re doing. Personally, I don’t text while on a machine because my coordination is in question. Just for the record…there is such as thing as cell phone karma. 

5. Park in between the lines. There’s a reason the parking spaces are marked in white, yellow, and or some other bright color. So you’ll park properly. It’s like coloring, but with consequences. If your the dipwad who parks two inches away from my truck like you did tonight, you deserve to get your door biffed. Just sayin’. 

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