Posted: February 23, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

For you no-ops out there, an NSV is a Non-Scale-Victory. For everyone else, Phat means “great, wonderful, terrific” (not to be confused with “fat”, which is a word never to be uttered about my cute self ever again!).

Back in October I weighed about 40 pounds more than what I weigh currently. My trainer seemed to love the stairs, but for the life of me I couldn’t master them because my knees would just bawk in the most painful utterances you could imagine (okay…I could imagine – you know, like they called me names and cussed me out). Anyways, we stopped doing stairs and moved onto other things (like boxing!).

I had been itching to get something else incorporated into my routine, but tweaking my knee held me back a week. So today (the day after I did 19.4 mile in spin class) I took to the flight of stairs at back entrance of the gym. I jogged up once, then down, then back up. I did this four times. Took about a 45 second break, did the routine four more times. Took another break, and again four more times. I was pretty freaking proud of myself. Seriously, four months ago – only four – I couldn’t bounce up those stairs. And tonight, girlfriend here bounced!

My second little NSV came through a private messaging session with someone on Facebook. We were working out some details about a thing next week, and I mentioned I decided to do the Oak Apple 10k Run on June 2nd. I asked if they had any pointers for someone like me new to running (I am planning to get to Hansons to get fitted for runners within the next week). I was completely thrilled at the reply which included, “Count me in for the 10k!”. I felt like a rock star. I know, it’s silly. Understand, a year ago…I couldn’t get into a booth and I didn’t exactly have a line of people who wanted to hang out with the fat lady. Now…dude! Rock star! I have no idea how this will work, all I know is it’s six measly miles. I do five on the elliptical most days and almost twenty in spin twice a week. I already feel like a rock star! So..bring. It. ON!

Finally, the third and final NSV (which left me freezing my butt off outside for almost half an hour tonight) came through bumping into my neighbor when I got home after the gym. I got checked out, head to toe to head to toe again. He said, “What are you doing, chisling it off? Look at you, skinny!” Aaaand we spent the next 25 minutes flirting. Which really sucks because although he’s gainfully employed, owns his own house and car, he drinks too much. Setting that aside, it was absolutely THRILLING to be called all but hot. He commented on my face, my neck, kept pointing at my legs.

Yes, total Gloat Post…and I loved every minute of it!

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