Changing It Up a Notch

Posted: February 29, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I made this goal I want to hit by my surgery anniversary date (aka “surgiversary”). Although I haven’t said much about it lately, I’m still wanting that goal. After last night, now more than ever.

Yesterday I registered for the Oak Apple Run 10k, to be held in Royal Oak on June 2nd, 2012. I am so excited for this because Amy Cremen is going to run it with me, and Mark has informed me he’ll be there yelling encouraging things like “MOVE!!!”. I also registered for the Detroit Free Press 5k on October 21st, 2012. My cousin Tina is running the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon the same day. I’m not doing a half, but I figure I can cheer her on when I’m done!

I’ve started doing leg-work again. Squats, lunges, I hit the stairs. I also threw my sneakers (more about that some other time). I started the C25K program, and I have a B210K (“Bridge”) which will pick up at the of the other. THEN…I spent about an hour setting my schedule up in Outlook – which is leashed to my phone – for the gym. Mostly because I have something on Mondays through April that shifted Monday things to Tuesdays. And, I like to know what I’m doing (plus, it makes my calendar looks BUSY!).

  • Mondays – Rest day. I have something after work I can’t change.
  • Tuesdays – Training with Mark. Elliptical. C25K.
  • Wednesdays – Training with Mark. Spin class with Blair.
  • Thursdays – Elliptical. C25K.
  • Fridays – 5:45 a.m Spin with Blair. Elliptical in the p.m.
  • Saturdays – Elliptical. C25k. The Boot Camp with Mark.
  • Sundays – Spin with Blair, followed by Abs with Blair.

It leaves me with plenty of evening to sit with God even though I can’t physically get to the church on time during the week (there’s a joke in there somewhere). I do follow mid-week service online. The Whosoevers are live every Friday night, and I’m at service every Saturday night (just about). Also…I’m putting myself on restriction from going out to eat once a week (more about that in the other blog).

This is so different, considering the biggest event going on in my life a year ago was watching Spartacus on Starz (I know…major fail), the 8 DVD’s out-at-a-time from Netflix, Moose Tracks ice cream, and hiding in my flat. I’m excited.

Oh…before I sign off. Mark decided to teach me how to duck. Obviously, I failed because he nailed me with a full-on plow straight to the forehead. I have a knot and a bruise brewing.



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