Stair Hurling & Clothes Shopping

Posted: March 3, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

My cousins and my aunt will get a kick out of this: I was headed out to the grocery store and almost hurled myself down the stairs. My sneaker got caught in my pant leg (obvious sign I need to invest in pants that fit), I lurched forward and immediately threw my hands out to either side. I thumped the side of the house, my keys sounded like someone dragged them down a ladder. I also thumped the rail of the staircase. Anyone who’s been to my place understands: rapidly falling bodies will not be steadied very well by said stair rail. I’m happy to report, I’m fine. I almost blew out my left knee (Mark would have loved that).

The t-shirt thing at the gym has gotten old. Truth be told, it’s the bunching that’s gotten old. The bigger a t-shirt is, the more it travels. They get in the way of movement, bunch, gather in unattractive places. They’re also revealing – especially after spin class. My neck, sleeves, back and area under my lady lumps all wet – but my chest…totally dry. Really? Guys don’t do that. Just sayin’.

Anyways. I decided to invest in a couple pairs of pants, fitted shirts (like the one I posted on FB this morning), over-the-shoulder-sports-boulder-holders, socks, and just for giggles: underwear. Laugh, if you must…but I tell you (hey…a pun!) your chonies won’t bunch if they fit right!

In the next couple of weeks I have to work on getting running shoes. Which means a trip to Hanson’s to first get fitted. I wonder if Velcro is still cool on sneakers?



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