Posted: March 11, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

I hurt my back Tuesday night and have been out of the gym all week. I’m totally jonesin’. I’ve been going for so long it’s part of my routine. I am bummed. At least I can walk, but I caught myself earlier today walking hunched over because my lower back was irritated. So, here I sit with a heating pad which I swap out with an ice pack. Fun stuff.

The positive about this week: I don’t have an added 125 pounds pulling on my body. Although being all but stopped in my tracks is slightly inconvenient, I’m just glad I’m not dealing with all the crap I was dealing with prior to losing the weight. After my appointment tomorrow night I’m going to try the elliptical and see how I feel.

Small NSV (non-scale-victory for you non-ops)-I’m officially in the smallest size pants I’ve ever worn. I was also able to pick up a weeks worth of shirts from Old Navy (for less than $35.00). I have never been able to buy anything from Old Navy. I no longer have to buy from the plus-sized section! (Insert strange Cabbage Patch dance here)


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