10 Month Follow Up

Posted: March 21, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

Had an appointment with the weight loss doctor today. When I arrived at the office, the gals at the front desk showered me with compliments. Then I saw Stacy, who’s my doctor’s nurse. She gave me a big hug. Right before I saw Dr. Doyle, I got to chat with Nanette (his nutritionist) – who gave me a great suggestion for ice cream! Dryers Slow-Churn Mini’s.


Dr. Doyle updated everything and was really pleased with my progress. He said I was “above average” with my weight loss. I told him I signed up to do a 10K in June. He was fairly excited about that. He runs marathons! In two months I went from 4-5 visits a week to the gym and doing a little cardio to 6 days a week and cross training! Yay me. No, seriously. Yay me. You realize a year ago I had my ass welded to a chair in the corner of my office channel surfing while gorging myself on Moose Tracks?

I’m just tickled to pieces.

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