Thus Far

Posted: April 2, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Uncategorized

A blip about the past 10ish or so months:

  • According to my scale at home, which has not yet been thrown through a window, I’ve lost 133 pounds.
  • I’ve lost 1.5 shoe sizes (I have a steel bucket on the porch which holds a small collection of unwearable sneakers).
  • My bath towels, which are all beach towels, used to not wrap around me. I had to strategically place them so the gap didn’t reveal anything publicly. Now they wrap around me almost twice!
  • Last year at this time I wore a 4XL/Tall shirt, 3XL-4XL stretchy pants, 32″ in slacks (those were tight). I had been purchasing clothes online through plus-sized companies (beyond the “Lane Bryant”). Now…um…I happily can wear a large from the women’s department at Old Navy. I’ve been parading around at home in an Old Navy tank top and my flannel pj bottoms (I still dig men’s pj bottoms) – I keep checking myself in the mirror, like the big ol’ gut is going to return or something.
  • Once I was as round as a professional hockey stick is long…I can prove this.
  • Running stairs was virtually impossible. Now my trainer has me doing 2.5/3 foot step ups. I do use the wall for leverage lest I fall off said step.
  • I have one helluva right upper-cut. I’ll show you. 😀
  • I signed up for a 10k in June. Amy C said she’d do it too. Later she said she signed her boyfriend up as well. They’re running the Boston Marathon this month. I…uh…am working on running three minutes without passing out. Obviously, I am greatly humbled. I have also concluded I had to have been completely high when I decided to do this.
  • Oh – pants – from a 32 (I suspect it was higher) to a 14/16. I also have two belts that I have cut almost a foot (a piece) off of.
  • Exchanged cable for a trainer.
  • Can eat ice cream again (God help me).
  • Average 17-22 miles in spin class three days a week. A year ago…I couldn’t even stand up on the pedals.
  • I like the elliptical. Sick, huh?
  • My confidence level has increased a tad.

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