A Header, and Thoughts for a Friend

Posted: June 7, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Exercise, Friends, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Summer, Uncategorized, Weight Loss


So this week I took a header off a stair while in the midst of a three minute step-endurance test at the gym. Actually, it was the last minute. Step 86. I dropped my foot, got caught on the top of the plastic stair I had tromped on for two minutes and some-odd seconds, and that’s all she wrote. Down I went head first onto the carpet with my legs tangled up in a mess of plastic risers, and one flipped stair. I hit face first (so to speak), rolled over onto my back and busted out laughing. Then. I sat up, rested my arms over my knees and proudly announced, “I think I’m done!”
I should add this all took place In front of cardio kick box class filled with approximately 20 women, a spin class filled with another 10 or so, and five guys on machines – none of whom offered assistance.. Turns out chivalry is dead after all.
Sally started interferon treatments. She’s got a picc line in her left arm which she gets to sport around all summer. It has only been a few days and she’s over it. Not as in gave up. You have poison pumped into your body on a daily basis and see how animated you are. That is such an oxymoron: “in order to combat this disease which has invaded your person we must fill your person with poison to kill it. Please sign here.” Sal has tried to make it to work, but the treatments have wiped her out. Yesterday she came by my cube (which is really a rectangle with round corners) to say she was heading home. I gave her a hug. I didn’t know what else to do. Ever wish you had a magic wand?
I have to interject (is that what it’s called when you interrupt yourself?) – we are having a text conversation about cute boys at the moment. I’m horribly embarrassed.
God’s got this amazing, well laid plan none of us can see:
“I know the plans I have for you.
Plans to prosper you, not to harm you.
To give you a future and a hope.”
Sally has probably read this, and I suspect “yeah, right” has been rolled around her brains several times. But I toss at you my friend this: there is no greater comfort or hope than that which comes with the knowledge that no matter what happens, God, the Creator of the universe and the One who knows the total sum of the individual strands of hair on your head (and the ones the puppies leave everywhere), holds you close to His heart. 
Be strong and courageous. 

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