Aaand Just For Giggles

Posted: June 13, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Exercise, Healthy Living, Sneaker Porn Diaries, Summer, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

There is a vile little clothes monster residing in the neighborhood.

About a week and a half ago I was at Kohl’s. It’s become my newest place to troll since I discovered I could get into a pair of Levi’s.

Apparently that’s all I get. “A” pair of Levi’s.

Since my new found self discovered the best pair of pants, like, EVer, I have searched high and low for my size. Really, I have. The shelves in the pants section are slightly taller than I am, and the bottom shelf…well, the same effect could be reached if one were to merely toss garments directly onto the floor (“Toss pants! Save a tree!”). I have found the Lee brand fits okay. However, some design genius thought it would be downright hysterical to manufacture them an inch shorter in all sizes.

Probably related to the same guy who invented the bra (Otto Titsling?).

Not able to repeat my awesome pant find in the store, I order online. Evidently, that was a horrible mistake. Three different shipments. Seven pairs of pants (yes, seven). Not a single one of them fit. There is some dude at a warehouse somewhere in America laughing the stitching out of his pockets because some chick outside of Detroit has an obsession with pants.

Lately I have been consumed with consuming chili. Wendy’s chili, specifically. Every now and then I’ll get chili from the overpriced market up the street. Tonight I hit Potbelly’s next to Verizon (noo…I did not buy another shiny object, I had to replace a power cord). I saw they had chili. Next to TJ’s frozen yogurt that had to be the absolute worst food I have tried to date! I wouldn’t serve it to the annoying yippers next door. Moral of the story: sticking to what you know is not always a bad thing!

Saw Dr. Doyle after work. We reviewed my labs. Everything is great, except my iron levels. They are rather poopy. I guess the good thing is my vitamin deficiency has been reversed. However, for some reason I’m anemic and we don’t know why. So I have to concentrate on incorporating more iron into my life. That’s going to be a little difficult. I don’t eat red meat all that often, which is where he says I’ll get it from. I just can’t seem to tolerate it all that much. I already take an iron supplement, and no I’m not increasing it. I already have a time of it getting things to…um…move, if you know what I mean. Anyways, we will see where things are at three months from now.

Oh, Dr. Doyle is going to use my last before and after picture for his sideshows he uses in his seminars. And when we ended our visit he said, “You really do look cut.”

I almost peed from laughter!

  1. Kathy Medina says:

    Nice blog. Always enjoy your writings.
    So you are starring in your doctors side show?
    Maybe I’m just outta the loop, but what does “looking cut” mean?

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