A Plus B Equals…What the Heck??

Posted: August 11, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Food Log, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Quick Tips, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

Today I went to Walmart to do some shopping. If you know me at all, Walmart is not one of my favorite places to meander about – at least where I live (a nice yuppy neighborhood, seconds from Detroit). The team members are rude…one gal shoved her way into the aisle where three of us with buggies had clumped up (NASCAR??). Honest to Jesus, all she had to say was “excuse me”. The little old lady cashier who’s lane I ended my little excursion at was very, very cranky. I know customers can be just flat out nasty, noisy, neurotic…so I try to smile and say thank you where appropriate. I even tell people to enjoy their day or weekend. Now, if the team members at this Walmart were anything like Shawn from Ft. Lauderdale…OMGosh! He would so be my PWSG (Personal Walmart Shopper Guy).

I now see the need to trademark said nickname.

Anyways…I have been trying to get the grocery bill under $100.00. I have not had that happen (yet), so I thought maybe Walmart might be less expensive on groceries I buy on a regular basis (excluding produce  – I will not purchase produce at Walmart. Ever. I won’t even purchase produce at Meijer any longer [that be a story for another time]). My journey began at the end of the grocery department where the paper goods and laundry detergents mingle. I zigged down one aisle, zagged up the next. I paid attention to prices as I tossed items into my buggy. By the time I hit the checkout lane nothing was any different, I had spent just over a $100.00.

I do not mind if I spend the money. My goal for the day was to find out if I could get more bang for my buck – and today I believe I did just that.

After lunch and coffee with friends, I went home and dove into my receipt like a crazy mom digs for bugs in their kids hair during lice season.

(Okay…that was a little gross.)

Trekking all over town to experiment with price comparisons seemed a bit dumb when one takes into consideration our gas prices jumped twenty some odd cents a gallon in less than a week (I got some cheap office space to give you off the Ambassador bridge if you actually bought that whole bit about the pipeline to our oil reserves was down – or whatever the story was). After I dumped all my stuff into excel, I trolled three grocery store web sites – which are crap. Searching for products is tough. If you only enter “Scott” into the search bar on Target’s web site, things pop up like Walker Scott, Scott-Heron, Scott McKenzie, Scott Naturals, Jill Scott. You may or may not see pricing – which can be a little deceptive because their marketing people put “online price” in the description. Total box of hogwash (I couldn’t find that for sale). Some products may not show up in a search query at all, and I KNOW for a fact that store carries the item I’m looking for because I bought it there. Also…they base their pricing on where you live. Best example for that: check out gas prices in your neighborhood. It applies here.

I used Meijer, KMart and Target to do my comparisons:

Kashi Cereal (I used GoLean) – I paid 2.98 at Walmart. The other stores are priced anywhere from 3.29-3.79, 10%-13.76% higher.
Tazo Organic Chai (20 bags) – 3.48 at Walmart. 3.49-4.95 at the other stores. .29%-42.24% higher.
Hunts Pudding Packs – 1.00 at Walmart. 1.02 at Target. 1.29 at KMart (29% higher).
Silk Plain – 2.98 at Walmart. 3.29 at Kmart. The flavored and/or Light version run between 3.30-3.75 for a half gallon.
Scott 4 pk – 3.98 at Walmart. 4.79 at Kmart. A 20% difference! The others were over or under by a penny.

Splenda was a biggie. For the bag I get Walmart has it for about 5.98. Meijer is 6.57 (Holiday Market is 7.99).

Are you totally confused? I was for a minute. What this showed me was that although shopping close to home is super convenient, I’m going to pay for that convenience. Maybe driving the two or three extra miles to save a few bucks is not such a bad idea afterall.


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