Drum Roll Please

Posted: September 21, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Exercise, Fall, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Personal Training, Sneaker Porn Diaries, Uncategorized, Weight Loss, Weight Training

If Mark Swift wasn’t married, I would have planted a big sloppy one on him. Tellin’ the truth.

Most of those who know me well have never been obese a day in their lives, let alone category three super morbidly obese (something like that – I saw it on a report). As much as I love you all – you have no idea what it feels like. There’s a mammoth difference between shedding five, ten, twenty, thirty pounds and shedding a person.

From what I figured out online – I’ve shed Jessica Simpson.

I am the wrong person to complain to about the woes of working out. I am not the person you want to tell you want to have a healthier lifestyle when you put away a pile of Oreo’s when nobody is looking. I will encourage you, tell you you’re full of crap when you are, and yell at you on the football field during boot camp.

Gastric bypass surgery did NOT make me lose weight. Gastric bypass surgery helped me – no – forced me to change my lifestyle. Gastric bypass surgery put me in a position of always being aware of what I’m gnoshing on. The only thing Gastric bypass surgery did for me was provide an opportunity to permanently change my ways.

And Mark Swift? He has kicked my ass every week for the past year. He made me do things I flat out said, “I can’t” to. With my crap knees, bum shoulder, uncoordinated sloppy self he pushed me – then pushed me harder just to show me what I could do. And when I saw the picture he helped me with tonight…oh my God.

So if all my Christian pals will look away for just a second: all you who say I’ve inspired you – what the hell are you doing? Get your ass off the couch and move. You will then become my inspiration.

Just sayin.

Before on the left. My biggest shirt ever in back. And me now.

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