Little Update on Little Ol' Me

Posted: October 25, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Exercise, Fall, Friends, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Personal Training, Sneaker Porn Diaries, Uncategorized, Water Bottles, Weight Loss, Weight Training

Well, I’m not THAT little.

I’ve lost the equivalent of the Olsen Twins and Paris Hilton’s dog (soaking wet, not dry).

This is me:

Before on the left. My biggest shirt ever in back. And me now.

Almost 400 pounds.

Not almost 400 pounds.

BMI was 50%. Now it’s almost 30% (by the wall chart at the doc’s office).

Body fat I believe was 50%. A year ago it was 44.8%. Today it’s 36%.

14 months ago I was 56.5 inches around at my largest point, down from 63 inches at the beginning of 2011. Today I am 43.25 inches.

My bum was 50.5 inches 14 months ago. Today 41″.

I think my arms were about 17″, they’re now 12.75.

Last year when I hired Mark for six weeks I had lost 25lbs and 17″ inches (from head to toe). I about passed out. That was not putting forth much effort – at – all (3 thirty minute sessions a week). Now I am meeting with him three hours a week. What’s a girl to do?

Give herself a new challenge.

Six weeks. Jesus, gym, Mark, food log. I snagged a training book from LA Fitness (yeah – so the head trainer guy there asked me why I’m not training with them – I showed him the picture there. He had nothing to say. Nothing. Love it!), had Mark do some baseline measurements and then we went crazy with working Traci out all over the studio.

I’m thinking a big phat surprise at the end of this challenge. Like a pre-Christmas present. I swear, ya’ll will sho fall OVER!

So, keep stalking me. Check me for my workouts & food logs. Holler at me, call me out on FB (just no swearing on my wall – you may use symbols if the need arises), suggest new songs for the playlist (I have everything from POD to TLC). And if you want to come play with me, I can drag you to my gym for free for two weeks on a guest pass, a complimentary training session with the only man in my life (excluding Floyd – but he’s my cousins cat), you can try Boot Camp for free too.

Hey – it beats spending the next six weeks stuffing yourself with ice cream and bagels.

Catch up with you soon!

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