Noodles 'n Meat & Packin' for the Week

Posted: November 18, 2012 by sneakerporndiaries in Food Log, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Quick Tips, Sneaker Porn Diaries, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

So I did a review on Shirataki Noodles. Click this link right here: (Click ME!) and you’ll find out how that all worked out. Just a little note: there’s a comment from an anonymous reader down the page, which says: Traci, you are so entertaining. Even if I never try the food, I enjoy reading!!

The noodles were quite the experience, they were fun to experiment with.

Lately I’ve been trying to pack up most of my food for the week. I’m not entirely certain what the word would be for the effort, maybe sporadic. If I do up the little plastic containers for the week, I tend to not swing through Starbucks or Wendy’s. What I have learned is no matter how much food I chop, slice, roll, measure, bag, box, or blend – it typically takes an hour to get it all together. So in short what I’m saying is I’m lazy and if I can take an hour out for web surfing, or channel surfing, or Barnes & Noble trolling, then I can pre-pack my meals.

All this to say that I don’t have much of an excuse to not do what I’m supposed to do. Anyone else who’s had weight loss surgery of any type who says they don’t have time – um – you got time. Really. You do. Oh – also, it takes just as much time to screw around and eat crummily (which we’re not supposed to be doing) as it does to eat properly. I got a few tips for you – and this works for EVERYone (not just the surgically altered).

Buy Less/Shop Smarter! I used to buy in bulk. Problem is that was an expensive habit, especially after I had my weight loss surgery (it’s like setting fire to twenty dollar bills and throwing them out the window of your car). It took me over a year to get a clue. This past summer I bought three apples instead of a bag, three or four bananas verses a big bunch, a peach or two, three or four plumbs. Frozen fruit is incredibly handy, especially when things are out of season. A long time ago I started to purchase all my lunch meat through the deli. Again, took me over a year to wake up and realize the pound of ham I bought would eventually turn into a new life form because I did not consume it within a reasonable amount of time. This also happened with vegetables, and a variety of other things.

Now I’ve gotten my grocery shopping down to something manageable. I buy only certain veggies: seedless/mini cucumbers (usually 2 packs) – I’ve learned they don’t do so well after about 5 days in their packaging (especially if they’re out of season and imported); cherry or roma tomatoes. IF I don’t cut them, they’ll last a week (sometimes 10 days). Fat free feta cheese crumbles (lasts forever). I usually have enough Chobani Greek yogurt (6oz containers) for two weeks. I get sugar free pudding cups, apple sauce in the little to-go containers, string cheese, etc.

I used to buy only one kind of lunch meat during the week, that became kind of boring. Now I get 1/2 a pound of turkey breast, ham, hard salami and cheese (Colby Jack or Havarti dill) – all medium sliced except the cheese which I get thin. I measure out a slice of everything so I know what it all weighs for my food log. Then I stack them: 1 slice of ham, 1 slice of turkey, 1 slice of salami and half a slice of cheese. I carefully roll them up and stick a toothpick in them. I can get eight to twelve roll ups. Calories are around 147-150 (varies by deli brand), 7-10 grams of fat, 2-5 carbs, 3ish sugars, and 16-18 grams of protein (all per roll up).

Pantry Baskets! I live in a small flat. Cupboard space is limited in the kitchen. I got rid of a small kitchen table & stools to have more room to move around. I got a rolling cart which holds my microwave, and has a little space where I keep canned items. I also have a metal shelf unit which doubles as an open pantry. I keep my coffee and tea in a large basket, Splenda and Crystal Light in their own containers. I also have three baskets where I keep snacks: presently one is full of Cliff bars ,another full of Trader Joe’s cereal bars, and a third full of Quest bars. It takes a month or two or three to empty these. A third shelf is for a basket full of all my vitamins (pill box is kept on the counter near the coffee pot), protein shake tubs, and Cheerios (in large plastic bowls, sealed). The last shelf is loaded with Gatorade & Powerade. I also get a case of 1.5 qt bottles of water from Trader Joe’s every couple of weeks. I go throught two bottles of water during my work outs, but I refill them using my Brita pictcher. I don’t keep the bottles longer than that, they tend to get mold or smell.

Okay. I’ve babbled enough. I think you get the idea.

Oh – I can now shop at Target. 😀

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