What Would You Do If You Were Unstoppable?

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This past Monday prior to my session with my adorable trainer (he grows on you…kind of like mold, but cuter) I spent an hour at LA Fitness on an elliptical. Most of the cardio machines have televisions with closed captioning – and of course I land on the one piece of equipment which has moving pictures and not a hint at what the heck is being said by the people plastered on the screen. The obvious solution would be to plug my headphones in and listen to the broadcast, but it would be a distraction. As many of you know distraction, cardio equipment and I do not bode well together – as I have repeatedly proven by my rapid descent off the stair climber (one of these days there will be a warning sticker on the wall by those machines with my picture and a YouTube link). After my hour of proving to myself I can stay in motion and not be permanently maimed in the process, I grabbed my crap out of the locker room and drug myself to the elevator.

I stepped into the little box of terror (well, not really-but it was good, huh?), another gym member entered behind me. I pressed the button to initiate our descent to the parking area under the gym and with a little more drama than was necessary, thumped myself into the wall with the weight of my bag (in my defense, that thing weighs almost 30 pounds!). The other occupant leaned against the wall with a look of “oi-vey”. I said, “I’m not sure what’s worse: carrying this bag or paying to be abused by my trainer.” The other occupant said, “I’m just trying to figure out how I let myself get so fat!”

This was my introduction to Andrew. A tall black man in his early 50’s, with a salt & pepper goatee. I shared with him my story (because I randomly start conversations with complete strangers in little elevators all the time) – and when I mentioned what my weight was last year he looked at me like I was nuts. Oddly enough, it was the same look I give my friends who struggle with ten, fifteen, twenty pounds or so of weight fluxuation (sorry – you all just got no clue what it’s like to be obese). So in 33 degree weather, I drop my bag on the ground and dug out my cell phone. I showed him my before and after picture. Andrew looked at the picture, looked at me, looked at the picture, looked back at me and said, “You?” I nodded. He said, “Naaaah!” He gave me several compliments and when we parted he said he was encouraged to keep moving forward with his weight loss journey.

Recently I have read posts online by persons who are struggling with their own weight loss journeys. I see questions about “what if’s”, “what do I do”, “how do you deal with ….”. Some have tripped, some have fallen, some have stopped in mid stride and can’t seem to get back on pace. Maybe this is you. Maybe you’re like Andrew – just need to have a chance encounter with some crazy white girl three miles north of Detroit on a Monday night in December. Maybe you need a kick in the ass, quite literally.

But what if you could get from this place you’re in now to the place you want to be a few months from now? What if nothing were in your way: no obstacles, no box of cookies, no one to blame for a misstep. What if you were unstoppable?

You are. You are unstoppable. You really, really are.

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  1. liz swift says:

    Well written!

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