Getting in touch with my inner Athlete

Posted: February 2, 2013 by kellieb71 in Friends, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Sneaker Porn Diaries

Feb 2 SPD Post Photo

I have never been an athletic woman.  Never had much of an interest in it, and for me, sneakers were really only a fun fashion accessory. (No, this is not my closet, no matter what my husband tells you!)    I’ve been trying to get myself motivated with regards to getting off the couch and being more active.  I’ll be honest, it’s NOT easy.  But knowing is half the battle, and now it’s time to make it happen.

Last year, the son of a dear friend of mine lost his legs in Afghanistan.  While watching atching his recovery, and seeing the things that he’s been doing as part of his journey with his new life has got me thinking.  If he can do it – I am more than able to get off my butt and do this too.

So, I’ll be starting slow.  I am going to start walking, and will be working towards entering and completing (the completing is the important part!) a local 5K.  Also, my ultimate goal is to walk (and again, complete) the Disney Food and Wine Half this November.  My girlfriend and I will be there with our husbands, and have been talking about tackling this together.

I will be posting weekly (most likely each Saturday) with information what I’m doing, and how it’s going.  Feel free to join us!

  1. Awesome Kellie! This is going to be fun!!

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