Before I Caught Sight of My Toes

Posted: February 5, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Exercise, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Personal Training, Uncategorized, Weight Loss, Winter

I wasn’t able to go run tonight, or walk, or wear a sneaker at all because I got a little aggressive with the toe nail clipper over the weekend and caused myself some minor (yet painful) discomfort. After I removed the bandage, soaked my foot, applied the ointment and carefully (very, very carefully) put  a new bandage on the area I jacked (hacked) up, I started to reflect on my weight loss.

Weight loss in my life is not measured the same as in the lives of others I know. The scale is not my friend, the numbers which appear every time I stand on it really do mess with my brain because what the scale says and what I see in the mirror are two completely different things. The scale is not a representation of who I have become, it’s a piece of equipment that shows numbers – just like the calculator on my desk at work. That’s not to say the scale is not important, it’s not important enough to me to stand on it six or seven times a day.

My success is measured by my before and after pictures. It’s measured by the things I can do now that two years ago weren’t even on a list of things to ever consider. It’s measured by the woman I don’t recognize in the mirror (I do not see a fat woman in the mirror, only a new one), or how big my vehicle is all of a sudden, or how just this past weekend (before my inept attempt at a personal pedicure) I was able to run almost five miles per hour for several minutes at a time.

Victory in the weight loss arena shouldn’t be measured by a thirty dollar square that sits on the floor and flashes digits at us. It should be comprised of now and then, what can be done, and images. Images such as this:


Those weights reflect the weight I’ve lost.

So does she (plus a bag of potatoes):


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