The Week in Review

Posted: February 11, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Exercise, Friends, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Sneaker Porn Diaries, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

sneakers-worn-holesYesterday I lent some thought to shooting every mirror in my flat. However, I did hold back on the urge. I’m fairly certain said act would have resulted in my immediate eviction, a shiny pair of handcuffs and an unwanted introduction to someone named Big Baby who would want me to become part of her orange jump suit gang. I don’t remember anything pre-weight loss surgery which indicated there would come a day I would do something incredibly stupid.

Such as the purchase of not one, not two, but THREE pair of Under Armor running leggings without trying them on prior to my exit out of the sporting goods store up in Troy. Oh, that little excursion also included the purchase of three sports bras, hand wraps for my boxing/MMA gloves. I did try on the gloves – they were all tied up with an elastic do-dad looped through each hand wrap, which only became an issue when I tried to shove my wrapped hand into an actual glove. The elastic do-dad looped through the wraps was also looped through a cardboard hanger (the ones that go on the pegs) – I need to insert that I’ve done this two other times before and you’d think I would have learned my lesson – there I stood with my purse wedged between my feet and getting SUPER angry because I couldn’t get my hand into the stupid glove. About then I realized I looked like I was trying to steal them. I promptly stopped my dramatic display of ineptitude, walked up front and grabbed a basket. Ten minutes later I bumped into someone from church. Like I mentioned on my FB wall, I had tried to stay engaged, but I was super distracted about what I couldn’t fit into.

The clothes thing so far has been a constant battle. It’s not the money (believe me, I spend money well, it’s not the money), it’s that I have to do what I wasn’t able to do when I couldn’t see me toes: try things on because I don’t know what size I am. Or while it looks great on the rack, it doesn’t look so hot on me. I look in the mirror and point out my imperfections. Worst thing to do (EVer). Kellie wrote something I read this morning that caused me to seriously wonder if I do love myself (not in the “Hey, hey, hey! Look at ME! way). Fitting with Valentines Day closing in on all of us.

Anyways, update to the last seven days: I have nothing fantastical to report because I decided to deal with a toe nail that had grown in wrong all by myself. The outcome was less than favorable (that’s code for “I had not a clue what I was doing”) – I attempted to cannibalize my big toe – it has finally healed enough where I am able to wear shoes without it feeling like I tightened it between screws on some vise-grip-torture thingy. Which is good because I didn’t run (or anything else) this past week. Tomorrow is a new day.

Fun little note: my assistant tans and tans well (she says it’s because she’s Italian). I told her just before the weekend if she tans anymore she’ll turn into bacon.




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