Today’s Workouts are Brought to You by the Letter O

Posted: February 26, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Uncategorized


My alarm went off at 4:00a.m. this morning and I promptly smacked the snooze button. I only did it once because I had to run downstairs to start the car the second time it went off (new-to-me-car does not have a remote start….yet). A little while later I was one of six people in the lot waiting for Planet Fitness to open up. I was there an hour. I went back after work for an hour, afterward I had a session with my trainer for an hour:

5:00a.m. 750AT (arc trainer) & ellipitical – 60 minutes for 3.11 miles

5:00p.m. elliptical – 60 minutes for 5.0 miles

6:30p.m. 60 minute session with Mark – three or four 4 minute rounds of boxing (I didn’t write it down) & a timed Cross Fit test. I had 15 minutes to complete as many rounds as I could of push ups, sit ups, squats. Specifically 10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 30 squats. That was one round. Mark tallied three and a half rounds. Soooo…I did 30 push ups, 52ish situps, 60 squats. I ran out of time near the end of the sit ups but I did tell him I’d give him 30 squats. 

Bariatric Foodie has given me an opportunity to stretch my writing, leadership, and smart-butt skills. Which has led to me participating on a Facebook forum for other weight loss persons: Bariatric Friendly. They gave Sneaker Porn Diaries a shout-out this week and I am so thrilled! I just want to give back. Both of these gals have given me the opportunity to do that. I humbly say thank you. It’s quite the honor. 🙂

Until tomorrow…smoochies!


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