Slop & Favorite Things

Posted: March 6, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Uncategorized

sneakersonaledgeRemember the moment you thought if I don’t get my crap together…?

Misery will breed discontentment, and it will spill over into every single facet of your life. Here is an experiment: take an entire gallon of water (milk is too expensive, but hey…if money is no object…) and dump it into a sippy-cup. Just turn the gallon over and watch what unfolds (do not attempt to control the flow). If I’m right, and I believe I am, this experiment will show you two things: 1-big problems can’t fit into small spaces; and 2-when one attempts to force big problems into a small space things  become messy (or wet) and incredibly out of control. Friends and family become evasive because you’re a big gallon of liquid slop and they don’t have enough room in their sippy-cup for their gallon of slop, let alone yours.

Slop is fed to pigs (who wallow in mud).

Nobody wanted to hang out wallow in the slop with me. 30 years of alcoholism and addiction landed me in rehab for a while. Obesity was a place to hide. All of which brought about some major health issues. So when I made the decision to make life healthy for myself, what I wasn’t prepared for were all the changes personally. I won’t lie, I have days where I would love to fall back into to some old avoidance patterns, but they never have done much for me. I have been learning all sorts of new coping skills (sometimes second by second). I am still fairly tempermental, sometimes down right combative and I’m reminded by my gentle an more patient than me God above He’s got some stuff laid out for me I can’t see, but so far that path is pretty cool.

So what about now? I’m clean and sober. I did counseling for a while last year to work through some issues. Other issues are works in progress. And although I have days I trip, I always make sure I grab onto something (or someone) so I don’t fall. I’m not super morbidly obese (I think I was labeled category three). And I’m incredibly happy.

Stuff I Love:

Movies – loads of movies, like: Memoirs of a Geisha; Fight Club; Lord of the Rings (all of them); the first Matrix; Monsters, Inc (do not judge me); The Incredibles; Finding Nemo; Lion King; Braveheart; Robin Hood (Russell Crowe); Last Samari was exceptionally good); Seven Years in Tibet (true story); The Conspirator (AWESOME); Hotel Rwanda; Young Frankenstein; Lord of War (awesome); The Secret Life of Bees); All the X-Men movies and related films); Fight Club; Amazing Grace (this is incredible & a true story); Charlies Angels; Pretty Woman; The Magic of Belle Isle; The Boondocks Saints; Amistad (LOVED this); Erin Brockovich; Walk the Line; Godfather 1; Titanic; Underworld  & Rise of the Lycans (last movie – eh); Thelma & Louise; Band of Brothers; Changeling (true story); Taking Chance (MUST see if you love our service men & women); Terminator Salvation; Chronicles of Narnia (1 & 2); Starship Troopers; Stand by Me; Hunt for Red October; Fried Green Tomatoes; Passion of the Christ; The Blind Side; Milk; The Aviator; Meet the Robinsons; Beyond Borders (THIS is amazing!); My Big Fat Greek Wedding; Master and Commander; Paycheck; Calendar Girls (true story and FUNNY!); First Knight; Bourne Trilogy; Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood; The Bucket List; The Messenger: Story of Joan of Arc; Whip It (funny); Saving Private Ryan; Gone in 60 Seconds; Music of the Heart,; Julie & Julia; Taking of Pelham 123; Paper Clips (MUST MUST MUST MUST SEE!); Mr. Brooks; Gabriel Iglesias: Hot & Fluffy; Inception; Mr. Hollands Opus; A Time to Kill; Sling Blade; Blade (all of them); Toy Story 1,2,3; Capote; My Sister’s Keeper; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; A League of their Own; Face Off; Schindlers List; Dead Poets Society; Good Morning Vietnam; Charlie’s Angels; The Village; I Robot; King Arthur; De-Lovly (true story * amazing film!); We Are Marshall; Boys on the Side; For The Boys; Interview with the Vampire; The Count of Monte Cristo; Men of Honor….this list could go on,

Music: everything but opera. I recently deleted the crap junk from my iTunes & presently on a big band kick.

Books: I love to read.

Trolling: Barnes ‘n Noble, Starbucks.

Punching my trainer.


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