Fit Test

Posted: March 16, 2013 by By The Numb3rs (BTN LLC) in Crazy, Exercise, Favorites, Friends, Healthy Living, Keeping the Momentum, Laces, Personal Training, Weight Loss, Weight Training

stepupsAfter Mark asked me what the date was, he announced we (I) would be doing a fit test.  Mark’s Fit Test is timed (20 Minutes) and completion of the items below counts as one tick on the wipe board.

Timed Fit Test (20 Minutes):

  • 1 minute run on treadmill (1% incline; 5mph)
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Step-ups
  • 15 squat and press w/weighted bar

 When I did this last month I was only able to complete three circuits. Mark wanted me to hit four.

My Timed Fit Test (20 Minutes):

  • 1 min run on treadmill (1% incline; 5mph speed)
  • 3 one min runs on the treadmill (1% incline; 6mph speed)
  • 45 Burpees
  • 45 Step Ups
  • 45  Squat & Press w/12lb bar

Results: I completed 3 & ¼ circuits. Mark said I beat the last test. I replied with, “But it’s not four.”

In addition to the timed fit test, I also performed:

  • 3,000 meters on the row machine at the gym (1.25 miles)
  • Back rows: Olympic barbell (15 reps x3 at 70lbs totdal)
  • High rows: TRX straps
  • Push ups: (15 reps x 3)
  • Leg lifts: (10 reps x3)
  • Sit-ups: (15 reps x3 with 6lb weighted ball)

Tomorrow morning – boxing.

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