Exercise equipmentRemember the New Year’s resolutions you made back in January? You made a list of all the things you were going to change, including getting a little bit more healthier than last year? Still got “Clean Out the Pantry” on the list of things to do?

I’m inviting you to participate in a Get Up & Go! Challenge. It’s super simple: do something everyday you did not do last week. Pull out the list of resolutions. Share what you’d like to do on the Sneaker Porn Diaries Facebook page, on YOUR Facebook page, on twitter – and include a picture of your sneakers!!. Invite your friends (always better with a buddy!). At the end of your day, share what you achieved.

It doesn’t matter if exercise is/isn’t part of your day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had weight loss surgery, or went crazy, never had a weight problem, have an event, blah-blah-blah:

Get Up and GO!!

I was inspired by a few things:

1. The Biggest Loser’s Challenge America campaign. NBC says, “More than one third of the adults in the United States, it’s critical to engage the adult population in making healthy changes in their own lives.” TBL Challenge America Campaign also encourages fighting childhood obesity. Danni, who’s one of the three finalists, has completely inspired me.

2. My weigh-in and measurements on Friday. My scale has stood at the same number for months, but for the first time in 20 months I did not put a large number on the board with inches. Mark wasn’t happy. I saw it on his face. It’s entirely my fault. If you have a personal trainer – this is the moment when what you have and have not done is revealed. Although I do work out on a regular basis, I’ve gotten lazy with the amount of time I spend in the gym. I’ve gotten a little lazy about my eating. Nik says it best: Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD! 

3. I’m a face to my trainer’s business. Not the face. In the same way Mark’s son represents his family, and his behavior (positive or negative) reflects on Mark. My before and after picture are on his car wrap. There are 8 people I know who signed on as clients his. I represent them too in a way.

4. I was asked to share my story with a weight loss group next week.

5. Bariatric Foodie: I’m a staff writer, an editor. I write food reviews. What I do represents BF, and is seen by thousands. When it’s in print, it’s permanent.

6. Total knee replacement. Crap knees are a consequence of being super morbidly obese for my entire adult life. I’ll have to have the surgery a second time later in life.

I have lots of reasons to stay off the couch. So do YOU!


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