Exercise equipmentThis is my big “tadaaa”. Well, not really. I just want to see if I can actually make this thing post what I did today.

I track my food log on MyFitnessPal. I gave serious consideration to deleting the “Oh Hell NO” item. But that would make me a liar, and everyone knows I love Starbucks…soo…it just sits there. Like a big red light flashing “dork! dork! dork!”.

The exercise portion is a bit tougher to log. I can log cardio until the cows come home (mooooo), but strength training takes some creativity as MFP doesn’t have TRX anything in their database.

Elliptical for 1 hour: 5.50 miles on level 12 (723 Cals)

Treadmill 17 minutes: 1.0 mile, 1% incline (didn’t record the cals)

TRX: Squats & I’s – 15, 20, 21 reps

TRX Curtsy lunges (each leg): 10, 12, 15 reps

TRX Back Rows: 10,12,15 reps

Squat, Press, Hip Flex w/15lb weighted bar: 14,16, 20 reps

Push up Step ups: 8,10,12 reps

TRX Plank: 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec

What did YOU do today??

  1. Tina says:

    Oh, I like it so much that I just might have to copy it…

    What is push up step ups? Is that supposed to read as two separate moves, push up, step ups?

    • It’s one move. You can use a portable riser or the staircase in your home. Get into push-up position, then place one hand at a time on the stair/step, then back to the floor. Do that ten times. It’s almost like walking in place with your hands.

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